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Call Us: (513) 854-3706

Call us. Today. We answer the phone in the high 90th percentile. The few times we ca't answer right then, we will call you back if you leave a message.

This really is the absolute best way to reach us! We are waiting for your call.

Text Us: (513) 854-3706

You can also send a text message. Since it is relayed to my cell phone via SMS, please don't put emojis in the message and keep it under 150 characters.  I'll give you a call back to verify everything!

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Sometimes, an email is the best way to reach us. That's alright, go ahead and send a note and we'll respond (sometimes very quickly, too!)

Please remember we are open 24 hours per day so if you can, you really should reach us by phone.

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Send us a letter, especially of appreciation, if you'd like! I'll give you our full address when we meet about your appliance repair needs, if you ask for it.

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