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We have received 12 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

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We Repair All Makes And Models Of Dryers In Cincinnati!

What Is Going on With Your Dryer?

  • The Heat Isn't Coming On Anymore
  • The Drum On My Dryer Doesn't Turn
  • My Dryer Won't Start!
  • Although They Are Hot, The Clothes Aren't Drying!

When Your Dryer Breaks Down...

It Causes A Lot Of Problems In This Modern Life

We Can Repair Your Dryer!

How Soon Can Dryer Repairs Be Done?

We could fix your dryer as soon as the same day!

For certain we will be able to diagnose all repairs needed within 48 hours and we strive for same-day appointments when we can.

We make this tough situation as easy and enjoyable as possible!

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Who Will I Talk To?

You will talk to Terry (The owner, pictured) or Destiny (the other owner) on the phone.

Terry will be the guy to come and fix your dryer today!

We Are Your Best Choice For Dryer Repair.

  1. We've repaired over 10,000 appliances
  2. We have 8 years of appliance repair experience
  3. Our customer service is top notch and out reviews show it!
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Call (513) 802-9225 To Reach Rescue Appliance Repair

Some of the Benefits of Working With Rescue:

1. On-Time Appointments

2. Professional & Experienced Appliance Repair Professionals

3. Quality Repairs That Last

4. Lots of Experience: We Get It Right The First Time

5. We Have Coupons!

Recent Jobs

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Before Photos

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After Photo

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Job Details

Location of Job: Cincinnati, OH
When: Nov 15, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Washing Machine Repair
Brief Explanation

Washing machine drums get old and rusty.

When that happens, you need to get the washer repaired right away. If not, it could leak and cause a flood and potentially be dangerous for falls and even electric shock.

I was able to repair the drum on this washer within 48 hours. I also made sure that it was cleaned out inside as well as working perfectly for this homeowner.

We also do all sorts of other washing machine repairs too.

Before Photos

appliance repair cincinnati appliance-repair-whirlpool-dryer-repair-768x1024

After Photo

appliance repair cincinnati washing-machine-repair-services-sherwood-park-1024x576-1024x576

Job Details

Location of Job: Cincinnati, OH
When: Nov 9, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Whirlpool Dryer Repair
Brief Explanation

We get called all the time from customers looking for help with their dryers that have broken and need to be repaired.

In this case this local resident called us because their dryer had stopped working. They had a Samsung dryer that needed to be fixed.

Our technician was able to come out and help quickly. He found that the Whirlpool dryer had a defective pulley assembly.

We were able to replace the pulley assembly and then we provided some preventive maintenance.

We were able to completely fix the dryer within 2 hours.

Before Photos

appliance repair cincinnati oven-before-1024x576-1024x576

After Photo

appliance repair cincinnati oven-after-1024x576-1024x576

Job Details

Location of Job: Cincinnati, OH
When: Dec 7, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Oven Repair
Brief Explanation

There are digital displays on all of our modern appliances, it seems. They display the time, the temperature and other critical information when you are cooking. When they go blank, or just completely fuzzy like this one, it can be hard to properly cook your food.

On this day, Terry came out to perform a full diagnostic on a Samsung oven.

The customer complained that the display was very blurry and they could not see the time on the display, nor observe the countdown or temperature as the oven was cooking.

Within minutes Terry found the low voltage transformer wasn't supplying enough voltage to the display. By replacing the control board the transformer was on the issue was fixed.

Recent Reviews

Pam Cox

Cincinnati, Ohio

Date: Sep 13, 2017
I was very pleased with the fast response time. I was able to get an appointment the very next day. The technician was courteous and called to give me updates on his arrival time. My dryer was repaired quickly and at a fair price. He was also very informative about preventative maintenance that may help to avoid future problems with the dryer. I would recommend Terry for all of your appliance repairs.

"My dryer was repaired quickly and at a fair price"

Nate Ramser

Cincinnati, Ohio

Date: Nov 3, 2017
Very nice and professional. Informative about the problem. Did a great job. Would recommend.

"Did a great job. Would recommend."

Gary Marshall

Cincinnati, Ohio

Date: Nov 10, 2017
Terry was very responsive and professional. Came out late on a Friday evening to unlock our Viking stove, days before Thanksgiving. Superb service!

"Terry was very responsive and professional"

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How Much To Come Out?

We only charge $39.95 to properly and thoroughly diagnose your dryer and if you elect to get a repair, the cost os rolled right into the repair, effectively making the diagnostic fee free.

Even if you choose to replace, that diagnosis will save you time and frustration and get you on the right path sooner.

Hurry, Now, We Might Miss You

Our Calendar Fills Quickly, Especially For Same-Day Appts!

We Make The Most Sense, Right

You either need to repair the dryer, or get it replaced.

A thorough diagnosis will ensure you make the proper choice.

If you choose repair, that diagnosis will be free.

We will repair your dryer with a quality repair that will last for years to come!

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Send Us A Written Letter

Rescue Appliance Repair

Cincinnati, Ohio


Did you know we repair dryers all over Cincinnati? We Also repair all dryers in Cincinnati.

We repair LG Dryers, we repair GE dryers, and we even repair Maytag dryers.

Samsung dryers get repaired alongside repairs to Electrolux and other dryers. We repair rarer dryers like Miele, Amana, and Jenn Air, too.


1. What Is The Diagnostic Fee?


The diagnostic fee for dryer repair in Cincinnati is a fee that covers our travel and time properly assessing the repairs needed for your dryer.

It is $39.95.

It is waived upon a repair work order for your dryer.

2. I have the part! Can you install it?



But there is a reason, and it's not profit-motivated.

We have to make sure that each appliance has the correct match in quality and compatibility. Some appliances have specific parts for specific models that look similar to others, but do not function quite the same, giving a less-than-desirable result.

Even if you purchased OEM parts from a reputable source we cannot be 100% certain of it's compatibility, so we will not install that part.

This protects our guarantee and your appliance!

3. How soon can you really help me?


Our goal is same-day diagnosis and dryer repair.

Occasionally, due to scheduling conflicts or circumstances out of our control we will schedule a different time.

Still, we will generally be faster and almost always of a higher quality repair than others.