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We have received 9 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars.

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Abigail Maruna

Cincinnati, OH

Date: Jul 28, 2017
Five-Star Review
"Five-Star Review"

Donna Sloan

Cincinnati, OH

Date: Jul 27, 2017
Terry was fantastic! He was very good and did a great job. Will be calling him for any future needs.
"They Were Fantastic!"

Daniel Graff

Cincinnati, OH

Date: Jul 19, 2017
5-Star Review
"5-Star Review"

Pam Cox

Cincinnati, OH

Date: Jul 20, 2017
I was very pleased with the fast response time. I was able to get an appointment the very next day. The technician was courteous and called to give me updates on his arrival time. My dryer was repaired quickly and at a fair price. He was also very informative about preventative maintenance that may help to avoid future problems with the dryer. I would recommend Terry for all of your appliance repairs.
"Appointment The Very Next Day"

Amy Garcia

Cincinnati, OH

Date: Jul 16, 2017
My experience with my service on my refrigerator was amazing first when I called they got someone out to me within the hour so I wouldn't lose any food!when he arrived he was very nice nice but professional at the same time which I really liked because I was nervous having someone in my home but that was long lived!!My fridge was fixed very fast and I was very relieved! Then I got a call back just to check on it! I most definitely would use this company again!!!Thank you, Terry for everything!!!
"Most Definitely Would Use This Company Again!!!"

D. Gamino

Cincinnati, OH

Date: Jul 13, 2017
Five Stars
"Five Stars"

Jennifer Mcclure

Cincinnati, OH

Date: Jul 12, 2017
5 Stars
"5 Stars"

Garret Merkley

Cincinnati, OH

Date: Jun 26, 2017
Five Star Review
"Five Star Review"

Cathy Markus

Cincinnati, OH

Date: Jul 13, 2017
5 Star
"5 Star "

Recent Jobs

Before Photos

sub zero refrigerator repair_1297sub zero refrigerator repair_1299

After Photo

sub zero refrigerator repair_1297

Job Details

Location of Job: Cincinnati, OH
When: Jul 26, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair
Brief Explanation

We rely on refrigerators every day. They cool our food, keeping them safe to eat. They store a lot of stuff and are a highlight of our kitchens.
When they break down, so do we, unfortunately.
That's why A+ Appliance Repair pays special attention when something has broken , we take care to get out there on the same day to repair a refrigerator.

A+ Repairs Repair Sub Zero Refrigerators

We sent the owner of A+, Terry, to this customer's home. Terry is a great service tech, too, and he immediately diagnosed the Sub Zero refrigerator. This diagnostic procedure—which was no cost after the repairs were completed, by the way—brought to light several problems.
The customer had complained that the refrigerator wasn't keeping food cool. Well, no wonder; this Sub Zero refrigerator had five components fail (or were failing) at once! You see, a leak caused multiple problems to all these parts that required their replacement.
We replaced the heat exchanger, the freezer evaporator, the compressor & accumulator during this Sub Zero refrigerator repair. We also sealed up the leak so it won't cause any more problems in this refrigerator.
Now, after the repairs, this refrigerator will last for many more years. Of course, this made our customer extremely happy and we can do the same for your refrigerator or any other appliance.

Before Photos

appliance repair cincinnati appliance-repair-dryer-drumappliance repair cincinnati appliance-repair-washer-drum-replacement-before

After Photo

appliance repair cincinnati washer-and-dryer-maintenance-and-cleanup

Job Details

Location of Job: Cincinnati, OH
When: Nov 15, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Washing Machine Repair
Brief Explanation

Washing machine drums get old and rusty.

When that happens, you need to get the washer repaired right away. If not, it could leak and cause a flood and potentially be dangerous for falls and even electric shock.

I was able to repair the drum on this washer within 48 hours. I also made sure that it was cleaned out inside as well as working perfectly for this homeowner.

We also do all sorts of other washing machine repairs too.

Before Photos

appliance repair cincinnati appliance-repair-whirlpool-dryer-repair-768x1024

After Photo

appliance repair cincinnati washing-machine-repair-services-sherwood-park-1024x576-1024x576

Job Details

Location of Job: Cincinnati, OH
When: Nov 9, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Whirlpool Dryer Repair
Brief Explanation

We get called all the time from customers looking for help with their dryers that have broken and need to be repaired.

In this case this local resident called us because their dryer had stopped working. They had a Samsung dryer that needed to be fixed.

Our technician was able to come out and help quickly. He found that the Whirlpool dryer had a defective pulley assembly.

We were able to replace the pulley assembly and then we provided some preventive maintenance.

We were able to completely fix the dryer within 2 hours.

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